青木大介のミノスト釣り方入門:フットボールヘッドとベイトタックルで魚を誘う方法 Daisuke Aoki’s Introduction to Minnow Fishing: How to Lure Fish with a Football Head and Bait Tackle

The “mid-strike” method involves using a jig head rig to target fish in the middle of the water. This fishing method is popular because it is easy to attract fish and can be used in any location. In this article, we will introduce a derivative technique, the “Minostrike” method.
Minnowing” is a method of fishing using bait tackle and a football head to attract fish. To do this, the angler shakes the rod while reeling in the reel to lure fish. The key to this method is the speed at which you reel in the reel and the timing at which you shake the rod. If you do this well, you may catch a lot of fish.



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