「【バス釣り101初級編】シャロー攻略の秘訣!ヒロ内藤のストライク・ポイント作り術」 Bass Fishing 101: The Secrets of Shallow Water Fishing! Hiro Naito’s Strike Point Techniques”

Essential techniques for beginner bass fishermen! Learn the secrets of creating strike points in shallow areas as taught by Hiro Naito. In this video, we will introduce 5 important points for shallow areas as a beginner’s guide to bass fishing. The focus will be on techniques for creating strike points. Based on his years of experience, Hiro Naito explains in detail how to create situations where bass become aggressive. Learn how to approach fishing according to the characteristics of the fishing grounds and the season, and greatly improve your own fishing results. This book is recommended for a wide range of fishing enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced anglers. We hope you enjoy the world of Hiro Naito-style bass fishing!”

題名 title:【ヒロ内藤流バス釣り】ルアー塾⑩ 「シャロー攻略5ヶ条」2. ストライク・ポイントを作り出す【【バス釣り101初級編】
出演者 performer:ヒロ内藤


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