Vish 奥村和正REAL ADJUST[リアルアジャスト]vol.1「レンタルボートで巨バス攻略」- 釣り愛好者必見の最新動画! Vish Kazumasa Okumura REAL ADJUST vol.1 “Rental Boat for Giant Bass” – The latest video, a must-see for all fishing enthusiasts!

釣り愛好者のための究極の釣り体験がここに登場!Vish奥村和正が贈る「REAL ADJUST[リアルアジャスト]」シリーズの待望の第1弾、「レンタルボートで巨バス攻略」がついにリリースされました!
「REAL ADJUST[リアルアジャスト]vol.1」は、釣り愛好者のために作られた釣り動画の新しいスタンダードとなること間違いなしです。奥村和正氏の情熱と技術が織り成す壮大なバスフィッシングの世界を存分に味わい、自身の釣りスキルを向上させるための必見の一本です。
ぜひ、このエキサイティングな釣り冒険に参加し、Vish奥村和正REAL ADJUST[リアルアジャスト]vol.1「レンタルボートで巨バス攻略」をご覧ください。釣りの新たな次元へと一緒に飛び込みましょう!
The ultimate fishing experience for fishing enthusiasts is here! The long-awaited first installment of the “REAL ADJUST” series by Kazumasa Okumura of Vish, “Rental Boat for Giant Bass,” has finally been released!
In this exciting fishing video, you will see Kazumasa Okumura using his professional skills and know-how to capture huge bass in a rental boat. Mr. Okumura has been a prominent figure in the bass fishing world for many years, and he generously shares his experience and knowledge.
This video is packed with useful information for both beginners and advanced anglers, such as how to use a rental boat, boat operation techniques, and key points for choosing the right area. It also includes professional advice such as the lures and rigs used by Mr. Okumura and an explanation of bass activity patterns.
REAL ADJUST vol. 1″ will surely set a new standard for fishing videos created for fishing enthusiasts. It is a must-see to fully enjoy the magnificent world of bass fishing woven by Kazumasa Okumura’s passion and skill, and to improve your own fishing skills.
Please join us on this exciting fishing adventure and watch Vish Kazumasa Okumura REAL ADJUST [REAL ADJUST] vol.1 “Rental Boat for Giant Bass”. Let’s dive into a new dimension of fishing together!

題名 title:Vish 奥村和正REAL ADJUST[リアルアジャスト]vol.1「レンタルボートで巨バス攻略」
出演者 performer:奥村和正


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