水中の物語を紡ぐ魔法使い、清水盛三が語るクランクベイトの魅力」The magician who weaves underwater tales, Morizo Shimizu talks about the appeal of crankbaits.”

In this video, Morizo Shimizu explains in detail how to use the crankbaits he designed. The message that each lure has a story, and that by mastering its use you can catch fish, was impressive. He explains the types of crankbaits, their shapes, and key points on how to use them in an easy-to-understand manner, even for beginners. In particular, I found that it is important to use them in accordance with the depth and current of the water. I found Mr. Shimizu’s passionate talk and the videos of actual fishing results to be very interesting. I think this video is very helpful for those who want to start fishing and for those who are struggling with how to use crankbaits.



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