「青木大介×青木唯・激アツトーク!釣り愛好家必見の釣りのプロフェッショナルによる技術と思考の対談」 Daisuke Aoki and Yui Aoki: A Fierce Talk! A must-see for all fishing enthusiasts, a dialogue of techniques and thoughts by fishing professionals.

This video is a must-see talk show for all fishing enthusiasts. Daisuke Aoki and Yui Aoki discuss passionately about their experiences and skills as fishing professionals. It also delves into various fishing episodes that the two have experienced, as well as their ideas and approaches in fishing. They also introduce the tackle and lures they use and their characteristics. It is a fascinating video that allows the viewer to fully enjoy the fun and depth of fishing.

題名 title:青木大介×青木唯・激アツトーク!
出演者 performer:青木大介・青木唯


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