驚きの瞬間!BASSFLIXが三島湖での釣りでレコードフィッシュを捕獲!?【三島湖 DAY1】 Amazing Moment! BASSFLIX Catch a Record Fish while Fishing at Lake Mishima! [Lake Mishima DAY

A series of surprises and excitement! In this fishing video, we will show you the moment when BASSFLIX tried fishing at Lake Mishima and caught a record fish that was not supposed to be there! Is this astonishing moment real or a lie? Witness and judge for yourself!
The professional fishing skills of BASSFLIX and the abundance of fish in Lake Mishima are exquisitely intertwined, and a marvelous turn of events awaits you. With a strategic approach based on meticulous research and keen insight, BASSFLIX pursues the one giant bass that will become a legend.
In this video, we closely follow the fishing process while enjoying the beautiful scenery and rich natural environment of Lake Mishima. It will also provide a detailed explanation of BASSFLIX’s fishing equipment and techniques used. A momentary mistake could cost you a great opportunity, but BASSFLIX will continue to challenge you with his calm judgment and reflexes.
Now, we invite you to join us on this amazing fishing adventure! Make sure you don’t miss out on watching BASSFLIX witness the moment of destiny. Together we will enjoy an amazing fishing video filled with excitement and emotion. It’s up to you to find out if it’s true or not!

題名 title:ウソだろ!? BASSFLIXのレコードフィッシュ登場!!【三島湖 DAY1】
出演者 performer:田辺哲男


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