田辺哲男、豊富な経験と知識を駆使し、相模湖でスポーニングメスを執拗に狙い撃ち! Day2 Norio Tanabe, using his wealth of experience and knowledge, relentlessly targets spawning females in Lake Sagami! Day2

This video shows a fishing trip by Norio Tanabe, a professional fisherman, on Lake Sagami. Norio Tanabe fishes for half-pre fishes floating in the middle layer of the lake, avoiding the two-tier nests. The video introduces the details of the lures and fishing methods used by Norio Tanabe, and is very informative for fishing enthusiasts. The beautiful nature of Sagami Lake and Norio Tanabe enjoying fishing can be seen in the video, which is very relaxing to watch. This video is recommended not only for those interested in fishing and fans of Norio Tanabe, but also for those who love nature and the outdoors.

題名:【田辺哲男】二陣ネストを避け、中層に浮く半プリを狙う【相模湖 Day2】


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