Vish 奥村和正リアルアジャストvol.3「春のMy strategy」- 春の釣り戦略を徹底解説!奥村和正の専門知識が詰まった最新動画 Vish Kazumasa Okumura Real Adjust vol.3 “My strategy for spring” – An in-depth look at spring fishing strategies! Latest video packed with Kazumasa Okumura’s expertise

待ちに待った春の釣りシーズン到来!Vish奥村和正が贈る「リアルアジャスト」シリーズの第3弾、「春のMy strategy」がついに登場しました!
ぜひ、Vish 奥村和正リアルアジャストvol.3「春のMy strategy」をご覧ください。春の釣りの魅力と楽しさを存分に味わい、成功への道を歩んでいきましょう!
The long-awaited spring fishing season has arrived! The third installment of the “Real Adjust” series by Vish Kazumasa Okumura, “My Strategy for Spring,” is finally here!
In this informative fishing video, Kazumasa Okumura generously shares his personal strategies and techniques for spring fishing. His tactics, based on his vast experience and unique insights, will dramatically improve your fishing results.
Spring fishing requires a special approach due to seasonal changes and bass behavior patterns. Okumura clearly explains effective strategies for spring, including changes in water temperature, bait selection, and lure use. He also introduces the special rigs and techniques he uses, providing useful information for both beginners and advanced anglers.
Real Adjustment vol. 3″ will be a true bible for fishing enthusiasts. Learn unique strategies for spring fishing and further hone your own fishing skills through this video, which is a condensed version of Kazumasa Okumura’s expertise and passion.
Please watch Vish Kazumasa Okumura Real Adjust Vol. 3 “My strategy for spring”. Enjoy the charm and fun of spring fishing to the fullest, and stay on the path to success!

題名 title:Vish 奥村和正リアルアジャストvol.3「春のMy strategy」
出演者 performer:奥村和正


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