最強陸王から学ぶ!川村光大郎が教える、数もサイズも釣りたい釣り人必見のテクニック! Learn from the Strongest Land King! Kotaro Kawamura teaches techniques that are a must-see for anglers who want to catch both numbers and sizes of fish!

In this video, Kotaro Kawamura, the winner of Japan’s largest bass fishing tournament, “Land King,” explains the fishing methods, tackle, and strategies used in Land King. In particular, he introduces prescriptions for improving fishing results that are useful for anglers who want to catch both numbers and sizes of fish. The book is full of specific advice on how to choose and use lures, and when to cast, all of which Kawamura himself has put into practice. Kawamura’s commentary also allows viewers to feel the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the Land King, making this a must-see video for bass fishing fans.

題名:最強陸王から学ぶ! 数もサイズも釣りたい人のための処方箋【川村光大郎】


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