田辺哲男×伊藤巧のビッグフィッシュバトル!リミット1尾を競い合う茨城・新利根川編 DAY1 Big Fish Battle between Tetsuo Tanabe and Takumi Ito! DAY1: The Shin-Tone River in Ibaraki, competing for a limit of one fish!

The epic fishing video of the famous duo of Norio Tanabe and Takumi Ito challenging big fish battles is finally unleashed! Their fishing skills and charming personalities explode in the Shin-Tone River in Ibaraki.
In this exciting video, their goal is to catch a limit of one big fish. Which one of them will be able to catch it first, and what kind of fish they will catch, is a development that you will not want to miss!
Norio Tanabe is a bass master with top-notch skills in the world of fishing, and Takumi Ito is known for his keen insight and strategic approach. It is truly a masterpiece to watch them each use their specialties to seek out the secret fishing spots to attract fish.
In addition, this video also allows viewers to enjoy the beautiful scenery and abundant nature of the Shintone River. In between fishing sessions, the two men spend relaxing moments talking about the charms of the area.
Fishing Battle by Norio Tanabe and Takumi Ito is recommended for fishing enthusiasts as well as nature and landscape lovers. You can immerse yourself in the fascination of fishing while experiencing their passion and adventurous spirit.
Filled with the excitement and thrill of chasing big fish and the passion to master the art of fishing, this video is a must-see! Please stay tuned for the big fish battle with one limit of big fish, which will be fought by the famous duo of Norio Tanabe and Takumi Ito!

題名 title:【田辺哲男×伊藤巧】リミット1尾のビッグフィッシュバトル 茨城・新利根川 編 DAY1【Basser】
出演者 performer:田辺哲男・伊藤巧


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