熱戦魂燃える!艇王2021第2戦 – 激闘、川村光大郎 vs 伊藤巧 in 新利根川 Hot battle spirit burns! Boat King 2021 Round 2 – Fierce battle, Mitsudairo Kawamura vs Takumi Ito in Shin-Tone River

As the Shintone River was filled with excitement, the second round of the Boat King 2021 came around. In this epic battle, Kotaro Kawamura and Takumi Ito engaged in a serious competition. Both players are superstars in the fishing world, and their skills and strategies have attracted many fishing enthusiasts.
The battle on this stage was a showdown between Kotaro Kawamura’s keen insight and Takumi Ito’s precise casting, with both players using their own fishing skills. While adapting to the changing conditions of the Shintone River, the two anglers deployed their clever fishing techniques to target huge bass.
This exciting match showcased precision casting and technical lure manipulation from the riverbank. Spectators were mesmerized by the breathtaking moments and understood how important they were. Both competitors fought until the very last moment, creating a heated battle filled with excitement and thrills.
This fishing video features highlights from the second round of Boat King 2021, interviews with both competitors, and other moments not to be missed. For fishing fans and competitive anglers, this epic battle is a must-see. Don’t miss the famous match between Kotaro Kawamura and Takumi Ito, and experience their fishing skills and passion. We hope you enjoy this video filled with the fascination of fishing.

題名 title:艇王2021第2戦 川村光大郎 vs 伊藤巧 in新利根川
出演者 performer:川村光大郎・伊藤巧


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