「【バス釣り101初級編】シャロー攻略の鍵!ヒロ内藤のルアーローテーション術」 Bass Fishing 101: The Key to Shallow Water Strategy! Hiro Naito’s Lure Rotation Technique”

A must-see for bass fishing beginners! Learn the art of lure rotation for shallow area fishing as explained by Hiro Naito. In this video, as a beginner’s guide to bass fishing, we will introduce 5 important points for shallow area fishing. This time, we will focus on lure rotation. Hiro Naito will explain in detail what lures to use and in what order, along with practical advice. Make full use of various lure types and color variations to attract bass. The contents are easy to tackle even for beginners, so please take a look at them. It’s packed with tips to help you enjoy the world of bass fishing even more!”

題名 title:【ヒロ内藤流バス釣り】ルアー塾⑫「シャロー攻略5ヶ条」4.ルアーローテーションを考える!【バス釣り101初級編】
出演者 performer:ヒロ内藤


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