【ヒロ内藤流バス釣り】ミッドレンジ攻略!ルアー塾④で学ぶ「ゾーン③ミッドレンジ概論」 Hiro Naito Style Bass Fishing] Mid-Range Strategy! Zone 3: Introduction to Midrange” in Lure School 4 [Bass Fishing 101: A Must for Beginners].【バス釣り101初心者必見】

In this fishing video, fishing pro Hiro Naito shows you how to capture the best part of bass fishing: the mid-range. The content is easy to understand for beginners and allows them to learn the basics of fishing with lures. While explaining the characteristics and behavior patterns of bass in the mid-range, you will learn how to select and use effective lures. The book is packed with useful information for everyone from beginners to advanced bass fishermen. Let’s pursue the fun of fishing with Mr. Hiro Naito together and improve your catch in the zone where you can catch fish!

題名 title:【ヒロ内藤流バス釣り】1番釣れるゾーン、ミッドレンジを攻略する!ルアー塾④「ゾーン③ミッドレンジ概論」【バス釣り101初心者】
出演者 performer:ヒロ内藤


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