田辺哲男×伊藤巧のビッグフィッシュバトル!リミット1尾を競い合う茨城・新利根川編 DAY2 Big Fish Battle between Tetsuo Tanabe and Takumi Ito! DAY1: The Shin-Tone River in Ibaraki, competing for a limit of one fish!

The long-awaited sequel, the big fish battle between Norio Tanabe and Takumi Ito burns hot! The epic fishing showdown on the second day at the Shin-Tone River in Ibaraki is depicted in this fishing video.
As in the previous episode, their epic adventure to win a limit of one big fish is underway. Tense developments await to see which of them will ultimately emerge victorious.
Norio Tanabe and Takumi Ito have different fishing styles and techniques, but they are friendly competitors with each other. You won’t want to miss the way they use their skills and knowledge to seek out the deepest fishing spots in the Shin-Tone River.
In this video, their adventures are depicted along with the charm of the Shintone River. You will be able to fully enjoy the thrill of fishing while being surrounded by beautiful scenery and the breath of nature. It also reveals the rare species of fish they encounter and the secret story behind their fishing.
The Big Fish Battle between Norio Tanabe and Takumi Ito is a highly engaging content for fishing enthusiasts and those with a sense of adventure. Through their passion and efforts, you will be able to experience the fascination and depth of fishing.
The second day and final chapter of this fishing video will be thrilling and exciting. Please watch out for the conclusion of the fishing battle woven by the famous duo of Norio Tanabe and Takumi Ito!

題名 title:【田辺哲男×伊藤巧】リミット1尾のビッグフィッシュバトル 茨城・新利根川 編 DAY2【Basser】
出演者 performer:田辺哲男・伊藤巧


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