【Basser連載】藤田京弥のALL OUT連動動画!芦ノ湖で50cmアップのバイトシーン連発! Basser Serialization] Kyoya Fujita’s ALL OUT video! A series of bites of up to 50 cm in size at Lake Ashino!

この釣り動画は、Basser連載「藤田京弥のALL OUT」に連動した興奮満点の映像、「芦ノ湖で50cmアップのバイトシーン連発!」をご紹介します。プロアングラーの藤田京弥が、芦ノ湖での釣行で驚異的なバスのバイトシーンを連発します。
「藤田京弥のALL OUT」連載と連動しているこの動画では、藤田京弥のタックルやルアーの選択、そしてバスの捕まえ方など、彼の秘訣が詳細に解説されています。彼の釣りに対する情熱や知識を感じながら、視聴者は彼の成功を共有することができます。
This fishing video is an exciting video linked to the Basser serial “Kyoya Fujita’s ALL OUT”, “A series of bites up to 50 cm in size at Lake Ashinoko! in conjunction with the Basser series “Kyoya Fujita’s ALL OUT”. Pro angler Kyoya Fujita shows you a series of amazing bass bite scenes during a fishing trip at Lake Ashinoko.
Kyoya Fujita is known for his tremendous fishing skills and passion. This video captures every exciting moment of his bass fishing. The sight of bass of incredible size biting one after another is a fishing enthusiast’s dream come true.
In this video, which is linked to the “Kyoya Fujita’s ALL OUT” series, Fujita explains in detail his secrets on tackle, lure selection, and how he catches bass. Viewers can share in his success while feeling his passion and knowledge for fishing.
In this video, the beautiful natural environment of Lake Ashinoko and Kyoya Fujita’s fishing techniques are perfectly blended. Professional cameramen use the latest filming techniques to provide a realistic and immersive experience. Viewers will feel as if they are fishing in Lake Ashinoko themselves.
The “50-centimeter-plus bite at Lake Ashinoko! is a must-see for fishing enthusiasts and bass fishing fans. This video is a condensed version of Kyoya Fujita’s passion and techniques, and will be a must-see for anyone who wants to fully appreciate the appeal of fishing.

題名 title:Basser連載「藤田京弥のALL OUT」連動動画 “芦ノ湖で50cmアップのバイトシーン連発!”
出演者 performer:藤田京弥


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