全米1位のチャターベイト『ジャックハンマー』開発秘話と使い方のすべてを清水盛三が伝授!Shimizu Morizo teaches all about the development and use of “Jackhammer,” the #1 chatterbait in the U.S!

This is a video in which Morizo Shimizu introduces the development and usage of the Jackhammer, the #1 most popular chatterbait in the United States. The video explains in detail the types and shapes of chatterbaits and key points on how to use them in an easy-to-understand manner, even for beginners. It also introduces what Mr. Shimizu considered important in developing the Jackhammer and the innovations he made in response to user feedback. In the video, you can also see images of fish that Mr. Shimizu actually caught and how to fish using the jackhammer’s features. This is a very informative video for those who are interested in fishing and those who are struggling with how to use chatter baits.



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