「キャスティング講座(スピニング編)」村田基が解説!誰でも簡単にマスターできるスピニングキャスティングの秘訣! Hajime Murata explains “Casting Course (Spinning)! The secrets of spinning casting that anyone can master easily!

Casting Course (Spinning)” is a must-see video for fishing enthusiasts. Hajime Murata’s explanations make it easy for anyone to learn the art of spinning casting. This video offers content for a wide range of levels, from beginners to advanced anglers, allowing them to learn the basics and techniques of casting with a spinning reel. It is sure to be a valuable source of information for those seeking to improve their fishing skills. We hope you will enjoy fishing to the fullest through these videos.

題名 title:[キャスティング講座(スピニング編)] 村田基が解説!誰でも簡単 キャスティング講座
出演者 performer:村田基


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