釣り動画「川村光大郎×伊藤巧が極寒カスミを釣る! Basser連動CROSS×GAME 前編 Fishing Video “Mitsujiro Kawamura and Takumi Ito Fishing the Extremely Cold Kasumi! Basser linked CROSS x GAME Part 1

Battling the cold and in search of the best fishing experience, fishing legends kotaro Kawamura and Takumi Ito are set for a miraculous showdown! This long-awaited moment has finally arrived.
A new series of Basser-linked CROSS x GAME has begun! As the full-blown winter cold sets in, the two experts will be targeting kasumi in a freezing, harsh environment. What strategies and fishing techniques will they use in this season when the fish population is thinning?
In the first part of the series, the two anglers head to an impregnable spot, despite the sub-zero temperatures. The latest lures and techniques they use in their quest to find the Kasumi lurking under the thick ice are the focus of attention. The realistic fishing scenes will make you feel as if you are participating in the fishing.
Now, let’s dive into the behind-the-scenes of the extremely cold Kasumi fishing by Mr. kotaro Kawamura and Mr. Takumi Ito. Witness the moment their passionate fighting spirit ignites as they battle against the cold, and witness their overwhelming combination of fishing skills and knowledge. This excitement and excitement will surely reach all fishing fans!
Stay tuned for the challenge of the most powerful tag team in the fishing world as they break new fishing territory. The first part of the Basser-linked CROSS x GAME series, which will bring you the best fishing video experience, will be released soon! Please look forward to it!

題名 title:川村光大郎×伊藤巧が極寒カスミを釣る! Basser連動CROSS×GAME 前編
出演者 performer:川村光大郎・伊藤巧


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