【バス釣り101初心者必見】ヒロ内藤流バス釣りルアー塾③|ディープゾーンの感覚を身に付ける方法解説 Bass Fishing 101: Hiro Naito-style Bass Fishing Lure School (3) – How to develop a sense of the deep zone.

A must-see for bass fishing beginners! The third installment of the “Hiro Naito-style Bass Fishing” lure school is now available. This time, important techniques in the deep range are explained. This video focuses on how to develop a feel for deep zone fishing to master it.
Hiro Naito has many years of bass fishing experience and is especially adept at fishing in the deep zone. In this video, he introduces the basic techniques of fishing in the deep zone with careful explanations and demonstrations so that even beginners can easily understand.
Specifically, the video details proper lure selection, casting techniques, and retrieve style in the deep zone. In addition, the video explains bass behavior patterns and how to find points in the deep zone.
By watching this video, even bass fishing beginners can gain a feel for how to improve their fishing in the deep zone. With Hiro Naito’s valuable advice and techniques, you can try bass fishing in the deep zone with confidence.

題名 title:【ヒロ内藤流バス釣り】ルアー塾③「ゾーン②ディープレンジ概論」感覚を身に付けるためのディープゾーンスタイル【バス釣り101初心者】
出演者 performer:ヒロ内藤


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