湖の謎に迫る!水中カメラが捉えたブラックバスの産卵シンフォニー The Mystery of the Lake! Black Bass Spawning Symphony Captured by Underwater Camera

In this amazing video, you can observe the spawning behavior of black bass, filmed from underwater for the first time in the world. Black bass are popular as a target fish for fishing, but their spawning behavior in the ecosystem has remained a mystery.
In this video, a transparent underwater camera is set up at the spawning site of black bass, giving the viewer a realistic feeling as if he or she has infiltrated their secret world. At first, we see a male black bass beginning to build a nest hole, and gradually the female joins in. You can watch as they painstakingly build their nests and the female lays her eggs.
Even more amazingly, the video even captures the young fish that hatch from the black bass eggs. Through the process from spawning to hatching, you will be deeply moved by the cycle of life of the black bass.
This valuable video will provide anglers and nature lovers with new knowledge about the ecology of black bass. By observing the spawning behavior of black bass from the water, we will be one step closer to their ecosystem.
Please take a look at this world-first video. Witness the entirety of the mysterious spawning behavior of black bass and experience the wonder and beauty of nature.

題名 title:世界初!? 水中で捉えたブラックバスの産卵行動の一部始終
出演者 performer:Largemouth Bass


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