田辺哲男が魅せる、亀山湖の美しき自然の中で繰り広げるハードベイト釣り!ルアー選びから釣果まで、極めるための秘訣がここに! Norio Tanabe’s fascinating hard bait fishing in the beautiful nature of Kameyama Lake! Here are the secrets to mastering the art of hard bait fishing, from lure selection to catching fish! 

This video features the second day of a fishing trip by fishing enthusiast Norio Tanabe at Kameyama Lake in Chiba Prefecture. This time, he tries his hand at fishing with hard baits. Mr. Tanabe will explain in detail about fishing techniques and lure selection while targeting fish lurking in the water. Also, you will be able to see how he fishes in the beautiful nature of Kameyama Lake, as well as footage of Mr. Tanabe’s passion for the sport. This is a must-see for those who love fishing and are interested in fishing with hard baits.

題名 title:【田辺哲男】ハードベイトの力、ここにあり【亀山湖 Day2】
出演者 performer:田辺哲男


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