【完全攻略】世界の京弥が初夏の相模湖を釣りビジョン・DzBASSで挑戦!ダイワ ジリオン ルビアス エアリティの魅力をご紹介 The Complete Strategy] Kyoya of the world challenges Lake Sagami in early summer with Fishing Vision and DzBASS! Daiwa Jillion Rubias Aeriality

ダイワ ジリオン ルビアス エアリティの絶妙なコンビネーションと京弥の魅力溢れる釣りスキルが交錯する、感動の一本。釣りビジョン・DzBASSならではの迫力ある映像美と解説を楽しみながら、世界の京弥が初夏の相模湖を完全攻略する様子を存分にお楽しみください!
Fishing Vision and DzBASS are proud to present the long-awaited new fishing video by world-class angler Kyoya! This time the setting is beautiful Lake Sagami in early summer. The setting for this video is the beautiful Sagami Lake in early summer, where Kyoya’s incredible fishing techniques are combined with Daiwa’s state-of-the-art equipment such as Jillion, Rubius, and Aerity.
Kyoya’s precision casting technique and astonishing finesse are the focus of attention! Kyoya’s precise calculations and strategies for targeting the fish of Lake Sagami are overwhelming to behold. In addition, the power and smooth operation of Daiwa’s newest reel, the Girion, the high sensitivity and durability of the Rubias, and the lightweight, well-balanced design of the Aerity are an integral part of Kyoya’s fishing success.
In this fishing video, Kyoya fully introduces his techniques and the appeal of Daiwa’s equipment through the various species of fish he catches on Lake Sagami in early summer. It is full of useful tips and techniques for fishing enthusiasts and beginners alike. We hope you will experience Kyoya’s fishing techniques and the appeal of Daiwa through this video!
The exquisite combination of Daiwa Jillion Rubias Aerity and Kyoya’s fascinating fishing skills intersect in this impressive video. Enjoy the powerful visual beauty and commentary that only Fishing Vision DzBASS can provide, and fully enjoy watching the world-class Kyoya take on Lake Sagami in early summer!

題名 title:世界の京弥が初夏の相模湖を完全攻略!!【釣りビジョン・DzBASS】ダイワ ジリオン ルビアス エアリティ
出演者 performer:藤田京弥


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