プロアングラー並木敏成がBLX-TRAVELで挑むバンクフィッシング!アメリカの自然に魅了される釣行記【DAIWA×O.S.P T.NAMIKI in U.S.A. Episode-2】 Professional angler Toshinari Namiki takes on the challenge of bank fishing with BLX-TRAVEL! A Fishing Journal Enchanted by Nature in the U.S.A.

This video shows professional angler Toshinari Namiki continuing his fishing trip in the U.S. using DAIWA and O.S.P. tackle. This time, he tries his hand at bank fishing using the BLX-TRAVEL. He catches numerous bass with his exquisite casting on the shores of lakes surrounded by the nature of spring in the United States. His techniques and strategies, including how to use tackle and lures, are also explained in detail. In addition, the video is beautifully filmed, and you can enjoy the powerful jumps of the bass he catches, as well as beautiful natural scenery. For those interested in bass fishing and lovers of America’s wild nature, this is a video not to be missed.

題名:DAIWA×O.S.P T.NAMIKI in U.S.A. Episode-2 BLX-TRAVELでバンクフィッシング!|Ultimate BASS by DAIWA Vol.494


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