プロアングラー並木敏成が、DAIWAとO.S.Pのタックルでアメリカのバスを釣りまくる! Pro angler Toshinari Namiki fishes for bass in the U.S. using DAIWA and O.S.P. tackle!

This video shows professional angler Toshinari Namiki on a fishing trip in the U.S., using DAIWA and O.S.P. tackle. In strong winds, Namiki demonstrates his skillful casting with the MACHINEGUNCAST. He also uses O.S.P lures to catch numerous bass. In this video, his techniques, strategies, and the tackle he uses are explained in detail. The video is also excellent and worth watching, featuring the wild nature of the U.S. and the beautiful appearance of the bass he caught. This video is a must-see for anyone interested in bass fishing and for those who love American nature and fishing.

題名:DAIWA×O.S.P T.NAMIKI in U.S.A. Episode-1 実釣検証 STEEZ MACHINEGUNCAST|Ultimate BASS by DAIWA Vol.493


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