20年以上愛される魔法のスピナーベイト「Dゾーン」!清水盛三が教える使い方のすべて! The magic spinnerbait “D-Zone” has been loved for more than 20 years! All about how to use it taught by Morizo Shimizu!

In this video, Seimizu Shozo introduces the appeal of spinner baits, which he has been using for more than 20 years. He explains in detail how to choose the shape and color of the bait and how to use it, in a way that is easy to understand even for beginners. By watching videos of fish caught by Mr. Shimizu and how he takes advantage of the features of spinner baits, you will be able to experience the fun of fishing and the appeal of spinner baits. You can also feel the passion and love for fishing that Mr. Shimizu places importance on, such as “finding your own unique way to use the lure” and “deepening your bond with the lure. This video is a great reference for those who are interested in fishing or struggling with how to use spinnerbaits.



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