極限の釣り技術を解禁!木村建太×青蓮寺ダム Unlocking Extreme Fishing Techniques! Kenta Kimura x Syourenji reservoir

In this special delivery video, the charismatic Mr. Kenta Kimura of the fishing world and the Syourenji Reservoir will be the setting for the unveiling of the decabassing method Real Adjust 2. It will be delivered as a luxurious enjoyment during the stay-home period and as a special project appropriate for GW.
Kenta Kimura is a top angler in the fishing world and his knowledge and skills are overwhelming. Dive into the deep underwater world of Syourenji Reservoir with him and learn how to catch big bass.
In this video, Kenta Kimura explains his method of targeting big bass, which is a condensed version of his abundant experience and techniques. Real Adjust2 is the term he uses to refer to his latest fishing techniques, and he will show you all the depths of his techniques.
Watching Kenta Kimura actually catch a huge bass in the fish-rich waters of the Syourenji Reservoir is a powerful experience. His approach, lure choice, and casting techniques are all fully explained and will be a true treasure for all fishing enthusiasts.
This special delivery is a rare opportunity to enjoy the real thrill of fishing even during your stay-home, so as we approach the GW season, let’s learn the secrets of catching big bass under Kenta Kimura’s pointers.

題名 title:ステイホーム&GW特別配信!【木村建太×青蓮寺ダム】(DVD・デカバス攻略メソッド・リアルアジャスト2)
出演者 performer:木村建太


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