釣り動画「川村光大郎×伊藤巧が極寒カスミを釣る! Basser連動CROSS×GAME 後編 Fishing Video “Mitsujiro Kawamura and Takumi Ito Fishing the Extremely Cold Kasumi! Basser linked CROSS x GAME Part 2

Continuing on from the exciting first part, the second part of the ultimate extreme cold Kasumi fishing series by kotaro Kawamura and Takumi Ito is finally released! Two master fishermen face the harsh sub-zero environment and meet their destiny.
The spirit of limit fishing pursued by Basser-linked CROSS x GAME is brought together here. Survival techniques for surviving in the ice, wisdom and courage to resist the freezing cold, and how to utilize the latest fishing equipment will be revealed. It is impossible to contain one’s excitement at the feast of information and techniques exchanged by these two professionals.
In the second part, an epic battle unfolds at the ultimate fishing spot they have arrived at. Fighting against the incessant cold, they make great use of attractive lures and techniques to attract the attention of the Kasumi. This is the moment when the answer to how their vast knowledge and experience affect their fishing results becomes clear.
In this second part, you will experience firsthand their passion and spirit of sharing information through the emotional moments and joyful expressions of these two fishermen as the camera catches them. The realism and excitement, as if they were enjoying fishing together, will surely move viewers’ hearts.
The journey of kotaro Kawamura and Takumi Ito’s challenge finally reaches its climax. Let your hearts be excited by the battle in the world that unfolds beyond your first step. The best fishing video experience awaits you, where the passion and fighting spirit to challenge the limits of fishing intermingle! Don’t miss it!

題名 title:川村光大郎×伊藤巧が極寒カスミを釣る! Basser連動CROSS×GAME 後編
出演者 performer:川村光大郎・伊藤巧


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